Developer Notes

This page contains a series of notes intended to be beneficial for any contributors to Crazy Ivan.


We provide a Vagrantfile to setup a development environment, but this requires that you install Vagrant. Once you have Vagrant installed, cd into the main directory and run:

vagrant up

Once the box starts, you can enter it with:

vagrant ssh

The Project folder on your machine is synced to the /vagrant folder in the VM, so you will need to move there before building. Once in that folder, you can build the executable and tests:

make && make test


A Packer file is provided, which can be used with Hashicorp Packer. Configuration is provided for building a Docker Image, which can be executed with:

packer build packer.json

This will create a tagged image, which can then be pushed with

docker push aostreetart/crazyivan:v2


The Crazy Ivan Docker Hub Repository contains the latest Docker images for Crazy Ivan.

Running Test Cases

Building the tests can be done with:

make test

Tests cases are run using Catch2 (, a few examples are shown below:

Run all tests:


Run only the unit tests:

./tests/tests [unit]

Run only the integration tests:

./tests/tests [integration]

Continuous Integration

Travis CI is used to run automated tests against Crazy Ivan each time a commit or pull request is submitted against the main repository. The configuration for this can be updated via the .travis.yml file in the main folder of the project repository.

Latest CI Runs


Documentation is built using Sphinx and hosted on Read the Docs.

Updates to documentation can be made in the docs/ folder of the project repository, with files being in the .rst format.

Generating Releases

The script is utilized to generate releases for various systems. It accepts three command line arguments: * the name of the release: crazyivan-os_name-os_version * the version of the release: we follow semantic versioning * the location of the dependency script: current valid paths are linux/deb (uses apt-get) and linux/rhel (uses yum)

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