Developer Notes

This page contains a series of notes intended to be beneficial for any contributors to Crazy Ivan.

Development Docker Image

Generating a development Docker Image is made easy by the DebugDockerfile. This image is unique in that it does not enter directly into Crazy Ivan, but rather installs all of the necessary dependencies and then waits.

First, execute the below command from the root folder of the project to build your local debug image: docker build --no-cache --file DebugDockerfile -t "aostreetart/crazyivan:debug" .

Once this completes, run your image with the below command: docker run --name crazyivan -p 5555:5555 -d aostreetart/crazyivan:debug

You can update the port number to whatever you like, and keep in mind that you may also need to connect the container to a docker network, depending on your configuration. For example: docker run --name crazyivan --network=dvs -p 5555:5555 -d aostreetart/crazyivan:debug

Finally, you can open up a terminal within the box with: docker exec -i -t crazyivan /bin/bash

The container will have Crazy Ivan and all it’s dependencies pre-installed, so you can get right to work!

Generating Releases

The script is utilized to generate releases for various systems. It accepts three command line arguments: * the name of the release: crazyivan-os_name-os_version * the version of the release: we follow semantic versioning * the location of the dependency script: current valid paths are linux/deb (uses apt-get) and linux/rhel (uses yum)

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