Properties File

Crazy Ivan can be configured via a properties file, which has a few command line options:

  • ./crazy_ivan - This will start Crazy Ivan with the default properties file,
  • ./crazy_ivan - This will start Crazy Ivan with the properties file, Can be combined with -log-conf.
  • ./crazy_ivan - This will start Crazy Ivan with the logging properties file, Can be combined with -config-file.

The properties file can be edited in any text editor.


Crazy Ivan can also be configured via a Consul Connection, in which we must specify the address of the consul agent, and the ip & port of the Inbound ZeroMQ Connection.

  • ./crazy_ivan -consul-addr=localhost:8500 -ip=localhost -port=5555 - Start Crazy Ivan, register as a service with consul, and configure based on configuration values in Consul, and bind to an internal 0MQ port on localhost
  • ./crazy_ivan -consul-addr=localhost:8500 -ip=tcp://my.ip -port=5555 - Start Crazy Ivan, register as a service with consul, and configure based on configuration values in Consul. Bind to an external 0MQ port on tcp://my.ip, and configure from the logging configuration file,

We can also use both a properties file and a Consul connection, in which case the properties file is used to define the ip and port of the inbound ZeroMQ connection, while Consul is used for registration and all other configuration retrieval.

  • ./crazy_ivan -consul-addr=localhost:8500

When configuring from Consul the keys of the properties file are equal to the expected keys in Consul.


The Logging Configuration File can also be edited with a text file, and the documentation for this can be found [here] ( Note that logging configuration is not yet in Consul, and always exists in a properties file.

Two logging configuration files are provided, one for logging to the console and to a file (, and another to log to syslog and to a file ( Both show all of the logging modules utilized by Crazy Ivan during all phases of execution, and all of these should be configured with the same names (for example, log4cpp.category.main).

Crazy Ivan is built with many different logging modules, so that configuration values can change the log level for any given module, the log file of any given module, or shift any given module to a different appender or pattern entirely. These modules should always be present within configuration files, but can be configured to suit the particular deployment needs.


Crazy Ivan can be started with an option to wait for a specified number of seconds prior to looking for configuration values and opening up for requests. This is particularly useful when used with orchestration providers, in order to ensure that other components are properly started (in particular, in order to allow time for Consul to be populated with default configuration values).

  • ./crazy_ivan -wait=5 - This will start Crazy Ivan with the default properties file, and wait 5 seconds before starting.

Configuration Key-Value Variables

Below you can find a summary of the options in the Properties File or Consul Key-Value Store:


  • DB_ConnectionString - The string used to connect to the Neo4j instance (example: neo4j://neo4j:neo4j@localhost:7687)


  • 0MQ_InboundConnectionString - The connectivity string for the inbound 0MQ Port

Kafka Connection

  • KafkaBrokerAddress - The address of the Kafka connection to monitor


  • StampTransactionId - True to stamp Transaction ID’s on messages, False if not. Transaction ID’s are passed on Inbound Responses and Outbound messages, in order to link the two together.
  • Data_Format_Type - JSON to accept JSON messages, protobuf to accept protocol buffer messages

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